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:: Wooden Scandinavian wall clock refinished and gilded
:: Dresden group of royalty with missing crown on top of carriage
:: 19th Century Chinese bat vase in numerous pieces
:: English blue and white vase
:: Venetian glass clown
:: Whale bone carving of hunter
:: Swarovski whale and calf broken off base
:: Pottery statue of girl broken and with major cracks
:: 18th Century faience fu dog with broken leg
:: Soapstone drummer with broken arms
:: Royal Doulton Indian Chief with broken horse tail
:: Sowerby glass clock case in numerous pieces
:: Parian statue of nude in numerous pieces
:: Pair of Meissen wall sconces with broken arms
:: Pottery bust in numerous pieces
AF Soapstone :: AF Soapstone broken/ missing pieces
Antique Dollhead ::Antique Doll head with face broken  off
glass bowl ::Antique Glass Bowl
antique creamer ::Antique Glass Creamer

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